Comprehensive end-to-end Student

Management System

Streamlined academic and non-academic operations with advanced analytics.

What is UniCloud360? How doesUniCloud360
benefit students and staff?

UniCloud360 is a comprehensive cloud-based student management system that encompasses the entire student lifecycle, from initial inquiry to graduation. This robust system caters to the diverse needs of both staff and students, offering a specialized workflow tailored to private higher education institutions. Its architecture adheres to a modular framework, allowing customization and scalability to align with clients' specific technology requirements and information management strategies for seamless digital transformation.

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Main Smart Modules

Student Module
Counsellor Module
Academic Module
Lecture Module
Finance Module
IT Module

Key Benefits of Unicloud360

Enhance Education

Our comprehensive solution encompasses all critical processes specific to higher education institutions, addressing their diverse needs in a holistic manner.

Enhance Efficiency

Our comprehensive solution that streamlines processes, automates tasks, and empowers your institution to achieve peak performance effortlessly.

Streamline Workflow

Enhancing efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness in various work-related tasks and activities.

Streamline Payments

Smooth and effortless payment experience with flexible payment plans for added convenience

We support third party integration

Comprehensive Student Management System

Platform Overview

What our Clients Say

We found Ceyentra to be a consultant not only well versed in the technology aspects but also on the business process aspects. We are very pleased that Ceyentra took the time to consult all stakeholders in a comprehensive process that captured user requirements from the grassroots of our organization to the governance level. They were patient in listening to us and took the trouble to understand implementation within the constraints of budgetary allocations.

Mr. Gamindu Hemachandra

Chief Academic Officer | Executive Director

Asia Pacific Institute of information Technology (APIIT)

The continuous monitoring of student progress in real-time will become an added advantage to our institute to deliver more value to our students. After checking several Student Management System software, we identified that unicloud360 covers 95% of what we needed.

Mr. Yasendra Darshana

Manager - Academic Affairs/ Training & Development

Institute of Software Engineering (IJSE)

Unicloud 360 makes lives easy for administrators, Admission officers, and Finance officers. I personally think that this system covers the 360 degrees of University operation.It's very easy for the Education institute to work with a team that understands the Education domain from the Admission inquiry to Alumni operation. Client support from the Unicloud team is commendable.

Ms. Jayani Mendis

Head of Academics

Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences

Accelerate your
university operations via Unicloud360

We assist you in building your customized dream student management system

Marketing Consultation

We are providing free marketing consultation for your institute's student management via Unicloud360.

Brainstorming and GAP Identification

Conduct multiple requirement gathering sessions and identify institute specific implementation with 3rd party integration.

Customization and Developments

Identify the minimum viable product requirements and start the development following agile methodology.

Go Live

Deployment of your dream student management system for your institute and experience it.

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